OrangeKnob Background

In short, OrangeKnob, incorporated in 2005, strives to provide customers with customized embedded solutions that encompass both the hardware and software domains at cost-effective prices.

We started off as engineers working on IC design, embedded systems development, and manufacturing processes, thus learning the ropes of the semiconductor industry. As tiny engineers in the big picture, we often sought to understand the entire process of building a product from the initial design phase to the mass production stages and later on, dealing with customer support and market intelligence for another round of design and development. Through the years, we picked up some know-how and being passionate folks about technology, decided to start something fun and serious. Yes, Serious fun.

Products & Services

Some of our services and expertise are listed here.

The above list seemed non-existent if we do not have some examples to illustrate further. Let us provide some examples.

Quality Management In Manufacturing

In Manufacturing environments, quality checks at various stages are required to ensure a high visibility in production yield. One of our clients, who provides these type of solutions, engaged us to provide them with a HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution to complement their current range of products which requires updating due to engineering fatigue. Utilising an open source platform and by selecting the relevant licensing scheme, we are able to provide a solution to them for them to take part in an exhibition in less than 6 months. During the process, we also provided a distributed source code management solution for them as they are not familiar with source code management.

Camera Reference Platforms

One of our customers designed and developed an ASSP for capturing/encoding Video. They required a rapid software stack to be running on their ASSP IC. They are engaging us to help them get a quick demonstration running on the ASSP IC. We recommended the leopardboard platform as the reference platform where they can do a quick prototype. Another customer (this time an institution) is developing 3D video capturing systems. We also recommended them to use the leopardboard platform as a reference for them to develop and test their algorithm.

People Counter

One of our clients in the advertisement industry requested for a solution to count people passing-by and actually looking at an advertisement signage. The original solution uses RFID tags given to trial users as samples of a probability count. In addition, the RFID readers could not determine whether the passerby actually looked at the signage. We proposed an alternative solution, a camera-based solution, and it captures the image (a number of times per second) of the passerby and processes the image to determine whether the passerby is looking at the signage. This solution helps lower the cost of deployment for large or multiple signage locations as well as remove the hassle of issuing tags.

Mobile Signage

Another of our clients (in the public transportation industry) requested for a solution to display dynamic content on a bus. They told us their main headache will be to update the content on the bus as the drivers or supervisors need to be trained in the updating of the system. We proposed and provided a solution that will update the content of the mobile display on-the-go, just like how your mobile phone receives content. Our mobile display uses an embedded browser to display the content, and thus any competent web designer will be able to design the content for them.

Tool Distributor

OrangeKnob is also an authorized distributor for Ronetix (PEEDI JTAG debugger/programmer) and Leaptronix (Logic Analyzer) products. This complements OrangeKnob’s services and leverages on its expertise, hence enabling customization for its customers.

Our Customers & Partners

Over the years, OrangeKnob has worked with a number of major companies.